End to End Solution

Quickly build and deploy telematics based insurance products!
Telematics Devices

Several types of telematics devices available to fit any requirements and all kinds of vehicles.

Smartphone Telematics

In app telematics for smartphones to use as standalone solution or in addition to our hardware devices.

Cloud Platform

All the telematics data and related services are available trough our universal platform on the cloud

Easy Integration

Quickly deploy and integrate our platform into your existing infrastructure

Cargenta Insurance Platform Benefits

Deep Driving Analytics

Sophisticated AI models help to better understand and predict driver behavior and patterns

Better Risk Assessment

State of the art risk assessment models to evaluate risk with extreme precision and reduce cost

Introduce New Products

All the tools required to introduce new types of insurance products quickly and efficiently

Increase Sales

Acquire new customers that need custom insurance products tied to their specific needs and requirements

Driving Behavior

Our behavior based data models help to effectively evaluate and assess the risk associated with the different driving patterns, assign each driver a score and create tailored insurance quotes. The score also helps the drivers stay engaged and eventually improve their driving habits, resulting in lower risk overall.

Driving duration

Time of day usage

Distracted Driving

Aggressive Driving

Driving Patterns

Driver Score

Customer Engagement

Cargenta Platform offers wide range of resources to keep customers engaged. Automated tools help to group users into segments and produce targeted communications, offers, promotions and materials as per the company goals and targets.


Introduce New Amazing Products

Several different products are available to complete your product portfolio


Pay As You Drive

Customers who drive below a certain amount of miles qualify for discounted insurance rates


Pay How You Drive

The careful drivers who drive safe and without aggressive maneuvers get insurance discounts


Activity Based Pricing

Customers get discounts or reduced rates for completing certain activities, like avoiding night time driving.


On Demand Insurance

Customers can purchase auto insurance for a certain period or only when they need it

Platform Highlights

Driving Behavior Analysis

Powerful tools for analysis of driving patterns and creation of more effective risk assessment, cost analysis and predictive models.

Customer Scoring & Discount Models

Automated driver score and discount models based on predefined criteria and driving patterns

Data Privacy

The customer data is anonymized and stored according to the highest standards of security and user privacy.

Quick to Market

Create new insurance products and reach new customers in less than one month.
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