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Products for fleets of any size: Trucking, Delivery, Taxi Cab, Car Rental, Public Utility, Commercial & Private Companies

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Why Wait?
Grow Your Business Now!
Products for fleets of any size: Trucking, Delivery, Taxi Cab, Car Rental, Public Utility, Commercial & Private Companies
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Smart Fleet Management

Cargenta Fleet Management System is designed for companies of any size and any industry to track, manage and control all aspects of the vehicle ownership and operation life cycles!

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Live Fleet Monitoring

  • Track real time vehicle location
  • Check status – moving, stopped, idling, engine on/off
  • Verify and monitor real time speed and direction
  • Real time data for trips, stops and driving duration
  • Live data for current and past speed, top speed, average speed
  • Live notifications in case of failure, crash, towing, theft attempt
  • Live over-speeding notifications
  • Live area enter/exit notifications
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Fleet Health Status

  • Automatic 24/7 fleet health status and vehicle faults
  • Automatic notification in case of problems detected
  • On demand vehicle health scan
  • List with present & past faults
  • Vehicle faults easily explained
  • Information how serious the problem is
  • Information how much it is going to cost to repair
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Topnotch Maintenance

  • Remote diagnostics & technical assistance from your repair shop
  • Maintenance tasks & costs tracking system
  • Automatic reminders for coming service / repairs
  • One-click maintenance job scheduler
  • Automatic notifications of vehicle recalls
  • Complete service history for every vehicle in your fleet
  • Easily track and shop for spare parts & supplies
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Cost & Asset Management

(coming soon)

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) management dashboard
  • Basic cost management: vehicle price, interest, insurance, operating costs
  • Advanced cost management: maintenance, downtime, driver costs
  • Key metrics tracking – utilization, cost per vehicle, depreciation, etc.
  • Vehicle and equipment reliability & durability tracking
  • One click cost analysis with incredible reporting functions
  • Cost & revenue optimization recommendations
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Inventory Management

(coming soon)

  • Efficient and easy to use inventory management dashboard
  • Complete system for tracking multiple sets of inventory
  • Inventory & supplies levels optimization
  • Economic & minimum order quantity formulas to minimize costs
  • Consignment inventory tracking system
  • Demand forecasting tools based on historical data
  • Advanced inventory analytics to optimize operations & revenue
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Fuel & People Management

(coming soon)

  • Fuel utilization and cost management dashboard
  • Real time actionable fuel economy data
  • Real time fuel level monitoring system to reduce fuel theft
  • Fuel consumption & cost insights per vehicle/mile
  • Driver assignment & utilization dashboard
  • Driver-to-vehicle mapping and tracking system
  • Intuitive driver & vehicle assignment management
  • Unauthorized usage detection and active alerts system
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Administration Management

(coming soon)

  • Customizable administration management dashboard
  • Centralized system to manage all administration tasks
  • Fully electronic solution, eliminating unnecessary paperwork
  • Invoice, work & purchase order management system
  • Powerful functionality to issue & send electronic documents
  • Fast & fully electronic request approval process with notifications
  • Deadline tracking – insurance, maintenance, payments, accounting
  • Universal integration with multiple accounting systems
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State of the art Reports and Analytics

  • Vehicle location, trips, stops, speed, mileage & hours driven reports
  • Fuel consumption & driver utilization reports & analytics
  • Complete vehicle health & maintenance reports
  • Predictive & upcoming maintenance and insurance reports
  • In depth inventory & supplies analytics to optimize cost
  • Baseline usage, cost and maintenance comparison reports
  • Operational, revenue & cost optimization insights
  • Advanced accounting & reporting features
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Competitive Price

The entire Cargenta Fleet Management platform functionality is free to use for all fleet companies, no matter the market industry, company size or vehicles number.

Customizable Modules

Cargenta Fleet Management is built to offer custom functionality. Choose only the modules you need and customize them as per your specif needs.

Simple To Learn

Cargenta Fleet Management is super easy to get used to. Intuitive user interface & simplified navigation and menus convert Cargenta in the preferred platform to use.

Extensive Documentation

We are sure you are not going to need it because Cargenta platform is extremely easy to use but we have prepared an extensive documentation for you just in case.

So Many Satisfied Customers

It is no coincidence Cargenta is among the top FMS provides, all those people cannot be wrong

Cargenta Fleet Management System

The all-in-one fleet management and maintenance solution for fleets of all sizes!


Real time monitoring system – location, trips, stops, speed, fuel consumption and much more.


Maintenance is now so easy to perform – check due dates, create work orders and track compliance.


Our integrated management system allows fleet owners to manage virtually any aspect of the business.


Our system is designed with focus on control: the better control companies have the better their results are.

What companies our solution is intended for?

Cargenta Fleet Management Solution can be used by any business that owns a fleet: Trucking, Delivery, Taxi Cab, Car Rental, Public Utility, Commercial.

How many vehicles can be included?

Cargenta Fleet Management Solution can be used by businesses of any size: no matter if you own 1 or 1000 vehicles, all can be managed with Cargenta!

How much the Cargenta services cost?

Cargenta Fleet Management Solution is free to use.

The only cost you will have is for the internet data plan – so that all vehicles report live data 24/7.

How long does it take to join the program?

As long as it takes for the shipping company to ship the Cargenta devices to your address. Once you get them, you can join right away!

With Cargenta FMS you get a lot more than just a track and manage solution:

Live events and notifications for problems & accidents

Notifications for overspeeding, excessive stops, areas left, etc.

Real time fuel and custom parameters monitoring

Remote diagnosis & technical assistance

Customized insurance price as per your specific needs

Premium prices on spare parts and accessories

Cost optimization insights and analytics

What Are You Waiting For?

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Customized & perfectly fitted solutions for both small & large size fleet companies!

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