Track Live Location

  • Track real time vehicle location
  • Live data for battery status, speed, rpm, fuel level, sensor readings
  • Live location updates
  • Car finder feature
  • Verify past location with address and time
  • Past data and reports for trips, mileage, stops and driving duration
  • Past data for speed, top speed, rpm, fuel used, sensor readings, etc.
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Read & Clear Fault Codes

  • Read car fault codes (DTCs)
  • Explanation of error codes and possible cause
  • Information how serious the problem is
  • Information how much it is going to cost to repair at a service shop
  • Comprehensive guide with instructions how to fix
  • Clear car fault codes (DTCs) and turn off dashboard warning lights
  • List with past faults codes by fault date
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Easier Maintenance

  • Automatic reminders for coming service / repairs
  • Automatic notifications of vehicle recalls
  • Track past service / repairs with dates, location & cost
  • Repair cost estimates (coming)
  • Remote problem diagnosis from trusted mechanics / repair shops (coming)
  • Remote technical assistance from trusted mechanics / repair shops (coming)
  • Lists with trusted mechanics / repair shops near you (coming)
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Vehicle Health Status

  • Automatic 24/7 vehicle health monitoring
  • Monitor engine and transmission status, battery level, etc.
  • Automatic notification in case of problems detected
  • On demand vehicle health scan
  • Monitor performance – engine load, fuel rate, oxygen sensors, temp, etc.
  • Notifications in case a predefined sensor threshold is reached
  • 24/7 roadside assistance (coming)
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Advanced Security

  • 24/7 vehicle state monitoring: movement, engine running, speed, location
  • Detect and prevent theft attempts or unauthorized vehicle use
  • Notifications in case of theft / towing attempt
  • Notifications in case of vehicle movement and/or engine start
  • Crash / Car failure notifications to emergency services or family members
  • Speeding notifications
  • Area enter/exit notifications
  • Notification in case device is disconnected
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Complete Control

(coming soon)

  • Personalize your automobile
  • Configure dashboard, lights, windows, instruments
  • Enable hidden features
  • Perform car module encoding and program car features
  • Car remote control: engine start/stop, lock/unlock doors & more
  • Reset maintenance Indicator
  • Perform DIY maintenance
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Cheaper Insurance

(coming soon)

  • Customized insurance process
  • Usage Based Insurance (UBI) – drive less, pay less
  • Behavior Based Insurance (PHYD) – drive safe, pay less
  • Automatic insurance quotes
  • Compare insurance rates and coverage
  • Personalized offers, discounts and cashback
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State of the art Reports and Analytics

  • IRS / Tax office compliant reports for annual tax deductions
  • Detailed reports for vehicle location, idling, trips and stops
  • Mileage driven, hours of usage, hours of rest, speed, fuel consumption reports
  • Current and past vehicle health reports
  • Current and past maintenance reports
  • Maintenance, repair and insurance (cost of ownership) reports
  • Advanced usage and cost analytics with graphics and charts
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Someone else is driving your car?

Know its location at any time!

Have a piece of mind when you lend your automobile to other people. Check where your car is heading to or monitor actual speed. Get informed if your car leaves a predefined area.


There is a light on the what?

Receive instant explanation what the lights are for!

Get detailed information why those lights at the dashboard are flashing! Check what is wrong with your car, how serious it is and how much the repair is going to cost!


Tired of being ripped off in the repair shops?

Receive projected repair cost!

Send a report with the detected vehicle faults to trusted repair shops of your choice and get quotes with projected repair cost and duration (coming soon).


You consider yourself a good driver?

Cargenta Insurance is for you!

Receive a discount if you just drive several miles per day! Get another discount if you are a an exemplary driver! Enjoy Cargenta online quote and claims process (coming soon)!


My car is my fortress!

Get your car secured with Cargenta Security!

Receive instant alert if someone is trying to steal your car! Prevent other people from access and get notified in case of tow attempt or engine start! Your car is now secured with Cargenta!

Cargenta Has It All

You will never need another tech for your car. Check out what you can use it for!

  • You wanna know where your teenage kid is, driving the car you just bought them? No Problem!
  • Now you can track the vehicle of your elderly parents. Make sure they are ok!
  • Your friend or wife borrowed your car but you cannot reach them? Find out where they are!
  • Your wife is stuck in traffic and doesn’t pick up her phone? Find out how far she is!
  • You left your car for maintenance and want to know if it has been moved already? Sure, why not!
  • Your car is not where you left it? Stolen? Towed? Find it in 30 seconds!
  • Trying to remember where you were last Tuesday? Check your Cargenta logs!
  • You got drunk, someone drove you home but you can’t remember where you parked. Yeah, it happens!
  • You are on a trip and something is wrong with your car? No problem, get instant remote assistance!
  • You need to repair your car but don’t know which garage to choose? Check Cargenta Workshop Ratings!
  • They told you need maintenance? Verify if such repair is really necessary or they are trying to rip you off!
  • You have no idea how much that repair will cost? We can help with fast online quote!
  • Need to schedule a repair but the booking process takes ages? Yeah, not with Cargenta!
  • Don’t know when next maintenance is due? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
  • Manufacturer recommended maintenance periods are too much for you to handle? Cargenta is here to help!
  • Can’t remember when the last maintenance was done or what was changed? We know it all!
  • Need to shop for parts for your car but you don’t know what the right parts are? We do!
  • That yellow or red light is on your dashboard again and you don’t know what it is? We do!
  • Your air condition suddenly stopped working? Check out what the problem is!
  • You travel a lot and want to be sure your car is roadworthy at all times? Inspect it with Cargenta!
  • You need a list with all fault codes? Sure, you can get it in seconds!
  • You don’t know what all those codes mean? We do and will easily explain it!
  • Something with your car suddenly gets wrong? Receive an instant alert and check how serious it is!
  • Your car was just at the repair shop? Check if they have really fixed it!
  • You are a DIY type of person? Cargenta is for you!
  • You want to make sure, no one but you drives your car? Cargenta Security is for you!
  • You allow other people use your car and want to know when they drive it? No problem, we can tell you!
  • You worry someone might steal your car? Don’t be, Cargenta is here for you!
  • Someone is trying to steal or tow your car? Get an instant alert!
  • Cargenta OBD gets disconnected from your car? You will know at the very instant!
  • Your car is involved in an accident? We will notify you about it right away!
The Tech Worth Having

Cargenta Brain does it all for you with a single click!

The only thing it doesn’t do is to drive your car for you.


Super Easy To Use. From Any Device!

Connect to your car from anywhere!

Feature Supported
iOS App
Android OS App
Web App (any internet browser)
Internet Connection
Bluetooth Connection

Cargenta Brain has all you need to get connected to your car and be able to save on Maintenance or manage all those advanced features you want. Cargenta turns your car into an automobile from the future!

Easy & Simple: Install in Seconds!

You don’t need any specific skills or knowledge to use Cargenta Brain! Just get the device, plug it into the dedicated port, connect the app and you are good to go!

Install Instructions
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Plug & Play Installation!

The Cargenta Plug & Play can't be easier to install. Just check on our website where your OBD port is, plug the device and that's it. No need for special knowledge or tools. No need for a mechanic or help from friends, anyone can do it!
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Connect to Cargenta App

Cargenta Brain is installed in your car, now what? Just download the mobile application for your device and launch it! Enter your Cargenta Brain IMEI or scan the bar code with your camera, follow the instructions on the screen and you are good to go!
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Already installed Cargenta Brain in your car and the app on your smart phone? Great, this is it. Nothing else is required but to enjoy your new smart automobile. Really like Cargenta? Don't forget to tell your friends about it!
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Still Wonder If Cargenta Is Right For You?

Cargenta Brain is the ultimate tech for your car. It is compatible with basically any contemporary car and gives you the power to maintain and control your vehicle like never before!



Easy to Use

Plug & Play

Beautiful Design

100% Satisfaction

Do It Yourself

You like to be in charge and get dirty around your car? Cargenta Brain is exactly what you need!

We Do It For You

All you want is to enjoy your car without the need to worry about anything? Cargenta Brain is here for you!

The mechanic does it for you

Repairs, maintenance, spare parts, trouble codes, all this is too much for you? Cargenta Brain connects you to the right mechanic for the job!

Help A Friend

You are a car guru or automobile enthusiast and enjoy helping others? Help a friend who already has Cargenta Brain!

Easy & Simple: The All In One App

The Cargenta app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. You can also use your PC internet browser. Whatever device you have, all Cargenta services are available to you in matter of seconds. Which services? All of them!

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