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Cargenta Brain is a next generation all in one device: Tracking, Monitoring, Car Health, Diagnostics, Easier Maintenance, Remote Assistance & more.
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The Technology Of The Future

Smart, small and extremely powerful – the technology that is shaping the future of next generation vehicle owners.

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Beautiful Design

State of the art device designed to impress. Get to choose from two different colors – white and black.

Light and Small

Extremely durable and compact, can be placed in any vehicle and only you will know it is there.

Easy Install

Plug and Play installation. No need for any special tools or knowledge. Just plug it in and you are good to go.


Compatible with virtually any contemporary automobile. Worldwide. 

Connect with your automobile.

Anywhere. Anytime.


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  • Cargenta Brain Standard
    • $ 199 One Time Purchase
      • 1 Cargenta Brain device
      • 1 Year Data Plan included
      • Shipping Included

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  • Cargenta Brain Max
    • $ 370 One Time Purchase
      • 1 Cargenta Brain device
      • 5 Years Data Plan included
      • Unlimited Internet included
      • Shipping Included

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  • Cargenta Brain Pro
    • $ 229 One Time Purchase
      • 1 Cargenta Brain device
      • 3 Years Data Plan included
      • Shipping Included

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Connect Your Smart Phone to Your Car

You can easily connect your smart phone to Cargenta Brain via Internet or Bluetooth. Using the Cargenta native applications for iOS & Android you will have the full control over your car at the tips of your fingers.

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Amazing Design

Have a look at this surprisingly fresh and attractive design. How can you resist to not upgrade your car with the latest Brain!

Light and Portable

So small and discrete that you can hold it in your pocket all the time. But you won’t. You will want it in your car all the time.

Extremely Durable

Designed to operate under any conditions you can be sure this device will serve you well even after you change your car several times.

Plug & Play Install

You are not a techie? No problem. It takes only 2 min to install and no special tools or knowledge!

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with any light vehicle produced after 1996, our small device is literally universal.

Free Mobile Applications

Use Cargenta free mobile applications for iOS and Android to connect to your automobile. It is so easy!

Is my car supported?

Cargenta Brain is compatible with any automobile produced after 1996.

Vehicle List

Two colors available.

Same functionality. Different colors.

What Are You Waiting For?

Install Cargenta Brain in your car, download the application on your smart phone, connect and you are good to go!

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